Window Shopping

You hear the term “Window Shopping” and you think about leisurely gazing at the display windows along Fifth Avenue and the luxury Department Stores and Hugh Department Boutiques. Browsing shop windows without actually buying is not just because of lack of money. Some do it for ideas, relaxation, or just because it’s something to do. Well, nothing is wrong with dreaming and that is why I like to window shop, mainly for things I could plant or use in my Garden Sanctuary.

My favorite pass time is to window shop for plants (flowers, herbs, and seeds for my garden). It might not be along Fifth Avenue in New York, or along the Rue de Rivoli or the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, nor Mayfair to quirky finds in Covenet Garden, London. Maybe it’s just my Dutch Gardens Catalog with its beautiful array or Gladiolus, Dahlia’s Lilies, Begonias, Peonies, to name a few. The roses section caught my eyes. What rich fragrance they emit. This dazzling two-tone red and yellow rose caught my attention. I stopped in my tracks to stare. Then I walked over to examine it closer. Double Delight Rose was displayed on the stake in the pot. What was that rather intense fragrance? I imagine this Double Delight in my garden complementing my Rio Samba that I had planted a few years ago. My Rio Samba Rose with its bright yellow flowers has red highlights which seem to change variable as each layer of petal unfolds.

Then there’s Michigan Bulb Co., offering the view of not just bulbs but an array of plants that attract butterflies thus creating Monarch Madness. Then there are those plants with sweet nectar that are better than Butterfly Nets. The Ketchup and Mustard Rose caught my eye. Such a rose commands attention in any garden. This is the place to come back for all the butterfly garden folks and hummingbirds alike. The plants here will create a beautiful garden that not only attracts butterflies and hummingbirds but the neighbors as well. From plants that love the shade to sunny areas. Berries, fruits they have it here.

All this window shopping, despite not buying anything, gave me some new ideas and now I’m dreaming about improving my Garden Sanctuary. I think I will put in a raised bed here and over there by the fence. Move my herb garden to this side of the garden where it gets more sunlight. Plant a new rose bush to replace the one that didn’t make it last year.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Jackson & Perkins! They may not be what they once were, but they still got some of the best centerfolds!

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  2. Loved Jackson and Perkins. Bought lots of roses from them years past.

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  3. carolee says:

    Michigan bulb co is not known for sending out quality material. Have you ordered from them in the past? Check out their reviews.

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    1. Hi Carolee. I don’t recall ordering from them in the past. However, I do get their catalog and I love to look at the pictures (window shop). When I get ideas I always look for the plants I need at local growers and garden stores and shop around for bargains, and quality plants.


  4. nancy marie allen says:

    Oh, the endless possibilities that come our way through the love of gardening!

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    1. Oh so true, and so much pleasure in doing it.


  5. Reblogged this on Dotty's Garden Sanctuary and commented:

    It’s Springtime and I find myself “Window Shopping” for that new plant that will grace my garden this year. As I window show I couldn’t resist putting a few plants and seeds in my shopping cart as I do year after year.
    With every garden season, gardeners strum up new gardening ideas for the best garden ever. The cycle repeats itself and here we go every Spring!


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