Mr. Snow Sat in My Chair

It was only a few weeks ago, the weather was a beautiful 50+ degree Fahrenheit. I sat in the sun for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine and to feast my eyes on the garden that had very little life from the effects of the Winter. The only sign of greenery was from a rosemary plant in the herb garden. All of that beautiful weather can be forgotten now as Mr. Cold Winter has kicked in his second wind and is showing us what he’s made of.

The snow came on Friday with a lot rampage. Not sure whom he was mad with, however, in his rage, he has dumped sleet and snow nonstop in my neck of the woods. Heard he was passing through to the North East but he lingered around for quite a while. He came shortly after the midday lunch, and stayed throughout the night, spitting out his sleets and his snow intermediately throughout the day and overnight on Saturday into Sunday morning.  Woke up and snow is still flurrying around with intermediate fine wet snow. Well, I guess I’ll just stay put and wait it out. I don’t plan on entertaining him at all or invite him in for breakfast, not even supper later if he’s still here. He cannot leave soon enough so life can get back to being normal. 

Yesterday, I took a walk outside to investigate and discovered Mr. Snow sitting in my chair and had left a good 6-7 inches of the evidence. I did not measure it but my husband thought it was more like 10 inches.

I ventured out to see what else was happening in the garden while Mr. Snow was still around. Not only had he planted a lot of snow in my flower pots and heaped up a lot on my garden table but he took the time to decorate the bird feeder with a snow roof.

I’m just wondering how many more inches of Mr. Snow will be laying on the ground when daybreak approaches. Earlier when I went out to explore and investigate the snow was deeper than my ankle boots. I later had to switch to taller boots to prevent snow from getting in. Wish I had taken a measuring stick or ruler with me. The footprint in this picture is rather deep and packed snow is still beneath those prints.

Update from 1/13/19

The amount of snow that fell in my area. Let the evidence speak for itself.

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