An avid gardener who enjoys playing in the dirt, and harvesting the crops grown, from the garden to the kitchen table, creating culinary art that warms up an appetite and stimulates taste buds. This gardener is proud to say that I have ‘A Garden Affair’.

A Jamaican born, daughter of the soil, whose parents depended on farming as a means of survival. Farming as my roots have created and cemented this ‘my hobby and passion’.

As a little girl I learned how to use the machete, and garden hoe, to name a few garden tools, to handle the chores in my mom’s garden, that I so often helped her with. Most of my gardening skills are learned by watching my parents and older siblings farm. A passion that has been created from a young tender age. A much older person now, and gardening is still one of my passions. Took me out of the country but the farmer in me still lives on. As the country folks would say, “Tek the gal out the country, but you can’t tek the country out the gal”. Where ever I roam or call home I always try to get my hands dirty. Whether it be in the tiny backyard or growing stuff from a window sill, garden boxes containers, there is always much content.

My Garden Philosophy: A garden with all its beauty and splendor is adequate for you to fall in love. However, you have not really fallen in love until you have tasted the sweat, felt the pain and shed some tears…

Until you have played in the dirt and buried some under your finger-nails; get your garden gloves and clothes dirty; get some dirt in your boots; scratched yourself with twigs or thorns; knelt on your knees with your back against the sun; pulled some weeds and tasted the sweat from your brow; Then, only then, you have fully experienced the gardening love affair.

I often wish I had a bigger backyard to accommodate all the plants I would like to grow. My garden, a little square of backyard, just enough to squeeze in a few plants, plant containers, garden beds overflowing with annuals, a few perennials, vegetables, and herbs. A combination of vegetation and blossoms to attract the butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, to name a few of the garden visitors. 

The desire to blog was always on my mind. Now that I have started I hope to share the little knowledge I have, my garden experiences, and the long journey over the years, through my stories, thoughts, and pictures. As I blog along I hope that others will be inspired and start on a similar trend. Imagine a world of bloggers, bragging about their favorite hobbies. Oh, what a wonderful world of blogging that would be.

Humming Bird
Humming Bird