Butterfly Playground

Last month I embarked on a new adventure after joining a group of Saving the Monarchs and other butterfly loving people groups. I realized how valuable butterflies are to the ecosystem and wanted so much to be a part of it.

Incorporating this into my garden spot wouldn’t be that hard I thought. I would just have to dig up more grass and replace it with nectar and host plants. How can I do this without my husband complaining about my garden extension and keeping up with the weeds? I figured if I plant one (1) plant at a time he wouldn’t notice until the garden was well established.

Butterfly Bush

I ventured out towards this pursuit and invested in a Butterfly bush. My hubby helped in digging the hole and planting it, with no complaints at all. He had a few suggestions where to plant it so I could watch the butterflies from the garden. But I was determined to put it outside the fence. As if that wasn’t enough, I purchased some milkweed seeds and started to grow them in my greenhouse (no stratification process).



Suddenly I realized I was head over heels into this project and kept digging up the grass bit by bit, making room for my milkweed seedlings.

The picture below shows a close up of my butterfly bush in full bloom a month after I planted it.

Butterfly Bush Blossoms