Sing Me a Love Song

Winter lingers on and all I can do is to reminisce on gardens past and look at some old garden pictures. I came across some garden visitors that I had captured through my camera lens a few years back. There is a saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. This proverbial phrase has certainly rung true with the pictures that I will share with you in this blog. There is so much information that one can gather from a given picture and these are no exceptions. Each picture tells a story. Let’s see how many pictures I have to tell my story. Do I have ten pictures? The logic of a picture worth a thousand words would make my blog worth 10,000 words, but I’m not really counting.

From my kitchen window, the beautiful chirping of birds from the garden begs for attention. I looked through the window to see a cardinal perched on the ledge. The next sound I heard was a clear and distinct three chirps chorused a two parted whistle, followed by a melodious response from another with the whistle more speedily and ending with the two parted whistle.

I reached for my camera and walked out on the porch to capture what was going on the backyard. The flurry of wings scattered like ashes in a ghost of wind as I opened the kitchen door that led to the back porch. All the birds that were feeding scampered off to the nearby vegetation and trees.

With camera in hand, I sat on the porch and waited for the feathered visitors to return to their outdoor restaurant. One by one they returned. I watched for hours as they walked and talked and feed from the feeder tables in the garden.

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