Rose Garden

I have taken significant time in planning my Rose Garden. An ideal spot for plenty of sunshine, colors and fragrance were the top of my list. After much thought and planning I narrowed it down to eight plants.

1Rose - Double Delight


“Double Delight” was my #1 choice with it’s dazzling two-tone and intense fragrance. This will certainly be a conversation piece in my Rose Garden.




This “Artic Flame Rose” was irresistible with its enticing old rose perfume scent and deep crimson color.Artic Flame1

From the picture of “The Rio Samba” it has outdone itself. This is an eye-catching 3Rose - Rio Sambiobeauty hybrid tea rose that is cold hardly and have a place in my Rose Garden.






4Rose - Maria Stern

I could not pass up this big and bold beauty with an outrageous fragrance. What a delight this “Maria Stern Rose” will bring to my garden.





“Over The Moon” that’s what I am with my next selection.

5Rose - Over the Moon

It’s fruity fragrance with voluptuous soft caramel rose is quite stunning.

Then I thought I needed something yellow to compliment my Double Delight rose. This rose’s buff-yellow flowers is a beautiful addition to my garden.6Rose - Dr Brownell







My garden would not be complete without a white rose – “Pope John Paul II” with it’s citrus fragrance does that.7Rose - Pope John Paul II

The temptation was great and I just had to have eight when I got this “Senior Prom” rose beauty with it’s coral-pink and nostalgic scent.

8Rose - Senior Prom

There you have it. Eight beauties to start off my Rose Garden.