Double Delight

Double Delight 1 day-SignatureThis is a rose that has certainly lived up to it’s name “Double Delight”. The plant is approximately 2′ tall and is already the center of attraction in my Rose Garden. The petals of delicate yellow painted with a gorgeous shade of red that deepens in color as it moves to the outer edges. I have never seen the likes of any rose bush quite like this. The tiny blooms almost crimson opens up to yellow with specks of red and seems to change color within hours.

A day must have passed before I had realized the first bloom. Note that the edges are beginning to change into more spots of red.

Later that afternoon the same bloom…(colors changing, the yellow sections changing to a more intense blending of red with decreasing areas of yellow)

Double Delight2-Signature

A few days later and more delightful blossoms …


How many more delightful array of colors blending will this one rose bush present? The most recent bloom at the top is more yellow with barely any specs of red in it. But that changed quickly. The once yellow bud got more reddish as the hours went by. Double_ Delight_Signature

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