Vegetable and Herb Garden

FB_IMG_1499439452564_SignatureI’m not your average gardener or a gardening expert; I’m just a typical residential gardener, who loves to play in the dirt. Most of what I learned is through trial and error observing what others do and of course, do a little research. I guess others believe that I am an expert at this because of my passion for anything that grows. My co-workers call me “the plant lady” and often refer to me as having a ‘Green-Thumb’. Never in my years of disappointments, a few setbacks, and successes in the garden, did I have the slightest inclination that I was indeed a ‘Plant Lady’. Maybe I’m in denial because everywhere I go and see a nice plant I always take notice.

On my way to work a week or so ago, my neighbor, (I call him Friendly Bob, but he doesn’t know that) was picking up trash alongside the road, when he started to wave frantically to get my attention. While he bustled across the street towards me, he was still waving his hand and uttered, “I need to ask you a question”. I contemplated what could it possibly be now? I stopped to listen. Then to my surprise, he says, “You’re the gardening expert!”.  My neighbor must really think highly of my gardening skills to refer to me as an expert. I guess Friendly Bob knew more than I knew about myself. Then the question came out. He wants to know what to do to a tomato tree that’s growing profusely and won’t produce any tomatoes. Well, that was an easy one. I have been helping my mom grow tomatoes since my eyes were at my knees so I should know a lot about tomatoes. I suggested to him to pick out the new buds giving the plant a chance to focus on blossoming and produce some much waited for tomatoes. Picking out the new buds from your tomato plant promotes larger sized produce and might decrease in quantity depending on the soil. In very rich soil, you might not even notice the difference.

My neighbor has been watching my backyard garden over the fence for years and has finally ventured into growing some tomatoes on his own. I can see my garden skills rubbing off on him.

Here are a few pictures from my garden over the years.