Basil Mint Tea

After a long day in the garden, I decided to sit and enjoy a warm cup of Basil Mint Tea. So I ventured over to gather a handful of mint and sweet basil from my herb garden. I could not help but notice the pungent, sweet and somewhat menthol aroma as I cut the limb from the basil plant. The mint has been crowding out the basil so cutting it back and using it for tea will serve both purpose of use and making room for the basil to grow.20170730_142705_HDR_Signature

I have used basil in my soup and loved the flavor and aroma it brings out. Basil pesto is also a favorite in meals. I have memories from my childhood days when my mom used basil in a sponge bath when we were sick and had the fever. The decision to combine basil with peppermint tea sounded enticing to my taste buds. The basil and peppermint grow together in the herb garden so I just reached over and cut a few limbs.


I brewed the handful of herbs and added a teabag of hibiscus raspberry. According to American Journal the “raspberry Red Zinger tea might boost your heart health, might help reduce blood pressure, which can help lower your risk of heart disease”.

Did you know that basil has the ability to treat nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, constipation, respiratory problems, and diabetes?

The many benefits of mint is in a class by itself. The sharp minty smell is so pleasant to the nostrils. Sometimes I just crush a few leaves in my hands to release the minty aroma. It has a wonderful minty fragrance. According to research studies that were presented at British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in England, mint is believed to having profound effects on cognitive functions, and “may improve both short and long-term working memory”. (Dovey, D., Medical Daily, 2016).

Mint has a mind, and whole body effect when used in various ways. Mint when chewed helps bad breath. It helps to sooth the stomach and even irritable bowel syndrome. A simple cup of mint tea brewed with some leaves from the mint plant or even add a few leaves to your fruit salad does wonders. Whenever, I need a pick me upper I always turn to a cup of mint tea. Upset stomach mint tea is the answer. Whenever I have a cold or stuffy nose I always turn to a hot cup of mint tea. Oftentimes I brew it with other flavors of tea for a satisfying treat. Sometimes I hold my face and breathe in the aroma and it just frees up my stuffy nostrils. After having a cup of basil and mint tea I am off to a refreshing start.

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